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The privacy policy tells you how Allvekst AS collects and uses your personal information. Here you will find information about who is the controller, contact information to the security officer, the purpose of processing personal information, and the legal reason for processing. In addition we provide the necessary information to ensure fair and open processing of personal information, that involves correction, deletion, processing limits, data portability, and the right to complain (GDPR art. 13). We are responsible for handling data in a secure and user friendly way, that fulfill both statutory requirements and expectations (GDPR 2016/697General Data Protection Regulation).


Personal information.

Personal information is information that can be used to identify a person. This can be names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, IP-addresses, and purchase and behaviour history.



The C.E.O. of Allvekst AS is the controller for the business' processing of personal information tied to ordinary employees and customers.


Data processing agreements.

Allvekst AS have entered into agreements with Sodvin Systemer and WIS - Waade Information System AS. We entered into agreements with them to regulate how they process personal information on behalf of Allvekst AS. They can not use the information for other purposes than what is agreed upon with Allvekst AS, and they have the same confidentiality as employees at Allvekst AS. 


How do we process personal information?

Employees: Allvekst AS process personal information to manage salary (basic data, salary level, time stamp system, tax percentage, tax municipality and unity affiliation), the persons work instructions and facilitation of work and managing absence. In addition, information about access control for ordinary staff is registered in the IT system.


Personal information tied to the employee is sought directly from the registered and from public authorities like NAV and skatteetaten (tax administration central). Allvekst recieve personal information from NAV since they are obligatory to consider all personal information before we as measures organizers get access to them.


Delete routines for personal information follows the accounting act and archives act. Information about names, positions and work area is concidered public information, which allow us to publish this on our websites. 


Allvekst AS has a filing system where e.g the position application is stored. Personell files are to be preserved until the end of the employment, when they are to be cleared. The files are stored in a lockable filing cabinet in a lockable room. Only the C.E.O. and secretary has access to the room and only the C.E.O. has a key for the cabinet. 


Private customers and businesses: The purpose of processing is to provide service and deliverance on services. Personal information tied to private customers/businesses are sought directly from the customer/business. When you use our services or are on our websites, cookies and other data is stored that later can be read by us. This can be retrieved as statistics and is a service we can activate. As of today (15.03.2019) this is not used by Allvekst AS. 


Your rights.

Right to correction: The registered have a right to get incorrect personal information about themselves corrected by the controller (art. 16).

Right to delete («right to be forgotten»): The registered have the right to get personal information about themselves deleted by the controller when the personal information is unnecessary, the personal information have been processed illegally, when consent is withrawn or the registered protest against the processing (art. 17).


Right to limitation of processing: The registered have a right to demand a limit of the processing of their personal information. Personal information can therefore not be used for anything, only be stored. (art. 18).

Right to data portability: The registered have a right to bring their personal information from one business to another (art. 20).

Right to complain: The registered have the right to complain to the supervisory authority, which in this case is the data protection authority (art 13).

The processing durability.

Personal information is stored so that it is not possible to indentify the registered for longer periods than is necessary for the purposes the personal information is processed for (art. 5, 1 e). Personal information that Allvekst AS process tied to employees, will be deleted after a year after terminated employment. Exceptions from this is personal information that is processed according to the accounting act.

Changes in the privacy policy.

We will regularly update or change the privacy policy. With bigger changes we will be informing about this. 

Security officer.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or our use of personal information, you can contact:

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